Cruyff Foundation

Xavi can be defined as one of the best exponents of Johan Cruyff’s legacy at F.C. Barcelona. The Dutch coach changed the way of understanding football and Xavi became one of the best references of his football model.

Both have shared the same sports philosophy, and both have shown great interest in helping children through different social and sports projects. That is why Xavi now has his own Cruyff Court in Terrassa and has become a board member of the Cruyff Foundation.

The Cruyff Foundation helps children, with and without disabilities, through sports. Especially to those children for whom practicing sport and exercise is not always easy. This year, the Cruyff Foundation and Campus Xavi have united to share these values with all our participants.
We want to make sure each participant of the Campus knows about the figure of Johan Cruyff, about his sporting legacy, about his relationship with Xavi, and about what the Cruyff Foundation is doing to help children develop.

Besides enjoying a week of learning about football, this collaboration will connect our participants to countless new social relations, will see them participate in many recreational and sports activities and will improve our participants’ knowledge about the values shared by the Cruyff Foundation and Campus Xavi; team spirit, responsibility, respect, integration, etc.